About O'tools Golf Carts

About O'tools Carts

Whether urban community, rural campgrounds, hunting or just running around your property, Golf Carts are rapidly becoming an attractive alternative to local transportation needs. 

Fuelled by ever-increasing petroleum costs and environmental issues, the electric versions are rapidly gaining in popularity.  New cart sales are now up from 60% to 70% electric.   

Often also referred to as ‘golf cars’, these fun little vehicles have many attributes – and just as many mission-specific accessories to make your vehicle fit your need.

Whether stock or modified for the intended use, whether gas or electric – these fun little machines are practical and popular at school, factory, campgrounds, hunting, ice-fishing, farms, marinas, race tracks, dealerships, and backwoods trails.  As a simple commuter vehicle for retirees in private communities, the golf car is becoming a staple.

Golf car enthusiasts have forums to share ideas and stories. They show up at get-togethers, shows, pull-offs, and even mud runs.  It’s a family function that takes folks down the road to wherever the FUN is at.

We buy used golf cars, and trade-ins will always be considered. 

We have a service and maintenance facility that is eager to please.  Customers and their needs create opportunities for solutions; and that’s our passion.