Re-Purposed Golf Carts

Re-Purposed Golf Carts For Sale

Late Model Lease Returns from Canadian golf courses

We purchase many fleets for the purpose of creating re-purposed golf carts each season and have a very regimented procedure to determine how suitable each is. Some may need new batteries, some may not. All available re-purposed golf carts are listed at the bottom of the page and can be sold as is. We have bundle packages that can be included to any cart for an additional cost and are listed below.

Most Popular Bundles

Installed on Your Cart or One of OURS

Please note if you are purchasing a cart, the bundles are an additional cost.

The Park Cruiser Bundle only $1,199

#1 Choice year after year

  • Lighting package front & LED rear
  • Rear facing flip-down Seat
  • Fold-in side mirrors
  • Battery Gauge and Electric horn w/ foot button
  • Chrome Sport Wheel Covers.






The Guardian Bundle only $2899

Includes Park Cruiser Bundle above, PLUS

  • New Factory Cowl & Body, choice of 20 colours
  • New Factory Long Top 80” w/Grab Handles
  • Flip Rear Seat with Guardian wrap-around rails and a no-rust footrest
  • Designer Cushions front & rear, choice of 5 styles





  • Shown with Optional 10 inch Sport Wheels