Re-Purposed Golf Carts

Re-Purposed Golf Carts

Late Model Lease Returns from Canadian golf courses

We purchase many fleets for the purpose of creating re-purposed golf carts each season and have a very regimented procedure to determine how suitable each is. Some may need new batteries, some may not. 


Installed on Your Cart or One of OURS


The Park Cruiser only $1,199

#1 Choice year after year

  • Lighting package front & LED rear
  • Rear facing flip-down Seat
  • Fold-in side mirrors
  • Battery Gauge and Electric horn w/ foot button
  • Chrome Sport Wheel Covers.





The Guardian only $2899

Includes Park Cruiser Bundle above, PLUS

  • New Factory Cowl & Body, choice of 20 colours
  • New Factory Long Top 80” w/Grab Handles
  • Flip Rear Seat with Guardian wrap-around rails and a no-rust footrest
  • Designer Cushions front & rear, choice of 5 styles





  • Shown with Optional 10 inch Sport Wheels