We are truly a Rental Store; our name says it all. 

Tool Rentals are always quoted for a 24 hour period from when you take it out; that is called the Day Rate..  For an overnight, or for 4 hours or less, we give a 25% discount off the Day rate. The Weekend Rental starts Friday after 3pm and is 1 1/2 Day’s Rate. The Sunday Rental starts Sat at noon and costs 1 Day Rate. 

Our daily rental golf cars can be seen at events such as weddings, large family gatherings, plant shut-downs or social functions at race tracks or convention centers.  We rent for people-moving, security, or cargo hauling etc. We are fully insured and provide pickup and delivery to accommodate your needs.  Golf Car Rentals have a 3-day minimum and are available for short or long term needs. Quotes can be customized to fit you or your event.  If you have any questions, please contact us.