Tool & Equipment Rental

You have a job to do. But to get it done right, you need the right equipment. We may not have everything but we have been providing small town needs for 25 years.

We charge for all time out including Saturdays, Sundays and Holidays. Prompt return will save you money.

Daily Rate: a 24 hour period from when you take it out.

Overnight Rate: 25% discount off the Daily rate.

Daily Minimum: 4 hours or less = 25% discount off the Daily rate.

Sunday Rate: Rental starts Saturday after noon until Monday at 9am. 1.0 x Daily Rate

Weekend Rate: Rental starts Friday after 3pm until Monday at 9am. 1.5 x Daily Rate

Holiday Weekends: We are always CLOSED on Holiday Mondays so that day is FREE. Return is due Tuesday 9am