Wagler Mini Barns

O'tools is proud to offer these fabulous Wagler Mini-barns. Built by Mennonites with Old Fashioned Quality - since 1974

Wagler Mini Barns are built to last. They are ideal for:

  • Tool Sheds
  • Play Houses
  • Change Rooms
  • Offices
  • Work Shops
  • Pets
  • Guest Cabins
  • Swimming Pool Accessories
  • and hundreds of other uses

Wagler Mini Barns - The perfect answer to your storage problems


Our Mini Barn Sales Center always has a selection of barns for you to view.

  • Seven different styles to choose from
  • Manufactured locally.
  • Ready-built or assembled on site for an additional cost.

Our sheds increase your real estate value.

Beautifully decorated to your choice of colours;

  • vinyl siding: 50 yr warranty, no maintenance
  • metal siding: 25 yr warranty
  • paint; 10 yr warranty
  • stain: no warranty
  • 25 yr shingles on roof; 10 colours to choose from.

Built on Pressure-Treated skids, floor joists 2x4x16"OC

  • (2x6 avail - see extras). T&G plywood on floors (extra)
  • Also available w/o floor: in exchange for floor we will anchor the shed but we are not responsible for sealing off between P.T 2x4 and cement pad. We will put in a layer of sill gasket. All kiln dried 2x4s, 16"OC (instead of 2x3s)

Built with Duratemp exterior plywood with grooves; 25 yr warranty. No chipboard. Also built with vinyl. Metal, pine (novelty T&G or Board&Batten) 
Cedar T&G or lapp style. Ask about log siding or anything else you might like.

All buildings are ventilated with 2 to 3 vents.

All buildings over 110 sq ft have engineered truss rafters 24" OC with 1/2" plywood sheathing (exc Playhouse which we frame to pass building code).

Buildings under 100 sq ft have strong rafters 16" OC with 3/8" sheathing on top; won't sag.

Our sheds are heavy duty; will not blow away like little tin sheds.

Wagler Mini Barns

…are built to order, carefully, by hand, the way a carpenter builds a house. Standard wood framing techniques and materials are used, scaled to shed dimensions.

… are sturdy and very well built. Ideal for storing such items as garden tractors, lawn mowers, furniture, motorcycles, bikes, snowmobiles and even cars.

We use quality materials to give you a long lasting building with a minimal amount of maintenance.

A Dream shed... Try us - we’ll help you dream

A hard to get to spot... Try us - we’ll try to put it in place

You’d like to match your house profile... Try us - we’ll try to match it

You’re not satisfied... Then we’re not satisfied

You’d like to be a happy, honest satisfied customer...

We’d like to be the happy, honest satisfied Builder & Retailer.

“The Quality is Remembered Long After the Price is Forgotten”


Available Colours

Spacing Requirements


For more information on Wagler Mini Barns please call (519)786-5902 or email info@otools.ca to get started today!