Maintenance & Repair

Whether electric or gas powered, your golf car has some periodic maintenance needs to ensure your investment provides years of reliability and enjoyment.

Our Service & Parts facility is brand new and our staff well trained and eager to see that your needs are well taken care of, effectively and efficiently.  We can keep you posted on progress, costs, and completion times, and we can arrange pickup and delivery.

  • If your use is Commercial and the car is relied upon, our Annual Service should be your minimum consideration, and at a time of year when usage is lowest.
  • For recreational and seasonal customers, we’re comfortable with recommending our Full Service every other year.

Our Indoor Winter Storage program keeps growing every year.  Our seasonal customers really appreciate our Autumn pickup and Spring return; their golf car is safe - out of site and out of mind, knowing that the batteries are charged every 60 days and it’s fully insured while out of their possession.

  • Basic Service is included; we want to see how those batteries are holding out for you, so we’ll service them, clean the connections, check the tires and give it a once-over before power washing it for you. Then off to bed until Spring….
  • Supreme Storage adds that Full Service that we recommend every other year.  That’s when we actually discharge test your battery set for a measurement of their actual run time.  It allows us to see if there may be a problem with one or two batteries that may be dragging down the performance of the whole pack.  We’ll also do a bumper to bumper inspection, checking the most important things that we know might cause you grief or an unexpected breakdown. Finally, we’ll tell you all about it on your cart's Report Card.

Our Service Priority is simple and easy to understand: first in = first out. Although if an emergency arises with a car you purchased from us you will take priority and receive our immediate attention.

Our Minimum Service Fee on all golf cars submitted through our Service line will be a 1-hour Diagnostics charge.  If the problem is identified and repaired immediately, there will be no additional charge. If more time is required, an update will be provided and authorization required.

Our Abused Battery Fee of $50 is automatically added to your repair order if batteries are so corroded and dirty that they require cleaning before any work can begin.

We use a Variable Labour Rate system that aligns fees to the skill level required for specific operations. Our 2020 Diagnostic rate is $100 per hour (one hour minimum), Repair/Maintenance Rate is $85 per hour. 

For Maintenance packages and Installation rates, please contact us..

If you require a Golf Car Pick Up, please contact us.

If you need a Battery Charger Repair…  Yes, we do that.  Here’s a tip first!  Be sure that your charger is the culprit by borrowing a friend’s to try on your cart.  It must be the same charger, but if it performs the same… hmmm – the problem will either be the car itself or a 110 volt power source inadequacy.

If you need to talk to a tech because you’re stumped or just need some advice, please contact us with your serial number and an overview of your issue.  We’ll schedule that call-back for you before end of that day.

If you need a Club Car IPL … that`s an Illustrated Parts Listing showing exploded drawings, part numbers and wiring diagrams… we can provide that by email. Please contact us.

Golf Car Museum: Club Car

What should I do to protect my batteries over the Winter ?

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