Golf Cart Rentals

Golf Car & Utility Vehicle Rentals in Lambton Shores

Large Daily Rental Fleet

Our daily rental golf cars can be seen at many different types of events

  • vacations or trailer parks
  • weddings & large family gatherings
  • factory shut-downs or  trade shows
  • social functions or outdoor festivals
  • race tracks or convention centers 

We rent for people-moving, security, or cargo hauling etc.

Golf Car Rentals are available for short or long term needs. Quotes can be customized to fit you or your event. All time out including Saturdays, Sundays and Holidays is charged. Timely return saves you money and ensures we keep all of our customers happy.

We are fully insured and provide pickup and delivery to accommodate your needs. 

2024 Golf Car Rental Rates

  4 Pass w/ Flip Rear Seat 6 Pass w/ Flip Rear Seat
1 Day $94 $188
3 Days $209 $294
7 Days $314 $419
30 Days $734 $838
60 Days $1,049 $1,154
90 Days $1,364 $1,469
120 Days $1,574 $1,679


Small truck rate = $125/hr      Large truck rate= $155/hr

Battery-powered electric cars are quiet, smooth, no fumes - just step on the gas and go. Range is usually 1 to 2 hours usage at full throttle; recharge takes overnight.
Gas-powered golf cars perform the same as electric;  operational range is not an issue.