Full Season Storage

2020-21 Winter Storage Program
for Recreational Golf Cars


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Enroll Now!

Frequently Asked Questions About Winter Storage

Do you need my key?

NO – unless your key is special and not original. Mark it clearly with your Name / Park / Site.

Do you need my charger?

YES. See Special Instructions concerning preparing your cart and charger for Pickup. Click here

Should I charge my batteries overnight after my last ride?

YES. All electric golf cars must arrive with batteries fully charged. A part of the Battery Service included at our Storage facilities is the logging of Battery Pack Voltage on Arrival. If voltage is not adequate, cold weather damage to your batteries is possible.

Do I have to remove my storage cover?

YES.  All contents and personal property must be removed for transportation safety. We are not responsible for any items our staff is required to remove on pickup date.

Why do you need my Insurance information?

If there were a traffic accident or a fire or other major incident at one of our facilities, our Insurance company will need to talk to yours at some point.  Having all of that data in our files would provide easy and quick access for investigators.

If there is any damage to my golf car, will you tell me?

Our staff are instructed to take pictures of any damage evident on pickup date. If you report damage that we have not disclosed prior to return, we will certainly respond.

When will my golf car be returned?

We have no choice but to subscribe to FILO…the First-In, Last-Out strategy. Thus there will be a relevance… if your pickup date was one of the last, your return date will be one of the first. You will be advised in early April of your scheduled Spring Return Date.