O'tools Winter Storage

New CHARGER Procedure This Year

When we made it a convenient option to Drop Off your Charger and Pick it up at O’tools in the Spring, it became an unmanageable task for us.  Last year several chargers were misplaced, and a couple were lost – which we paid for.

We now would ask that you secure your charger to your cart so it will always be attached

A bicycle cable lock works well – CTC or Wal-Mart for 10 dollars or so – and will last for years.  But use whatever works for you.. chain & padlock etc.






O’tools Indoor Winter Storage
Final Preparation before Pickup

1 - Key not required unless unique.

2 - Ensure ALL Loose items are removed - including covers.

3 - Ensure batteries have a full Overnight charge after last use.
First charge in Storage is not until December so ensure your batteries have enough charge to last.

4 – Place your charger on the passenger side floor and secure with a cable or chain and lock it to the passenger side windshield frame.
If you wish to cover with a plastic bag, fine.